[Slackbuilds-users] SlackBuilds up for grab and deletion

Andreas Vögele andreas at andreasvoegele.com
Thu Dec 10 07:26:36 UTC 2020

Hello Sergey,

what is your username on GitHub? I can transfer the repository to you. 
Your are now the primary maintainer on CPAN.

The issue tracker rt.cpan.org will shut down in March. See 
https://perlweekly.com/archive/489.html for more information. There are 
references to rt.cpan.org in the documentation, which could be removed 
or replaced.

Occasionally modules are removed from Perl's core. For example, 
Pod::Find was removed from Perl 5.32. Thus I made Pod::Find an optional 
dependency recently.

Kind regards and thanks a lot,

PS: I'm thinking about either bringing CPANPLUS::Dist::SUSE back to life 
or writing CPANPLUS::Dist::Zypper.

Am 10.12.20 um 07:31 schrieb Sergey Poznyakoff:
> Hello,
> Andreas Vögele via SlackBuilds-users ha escrit:
>> Please delete perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Slackware and its dependencies.
> Please, don't.  It is an extremely useful tool.  I can take it.
>> I'm the upstream author of CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware and won't maintain
>> this module anymore.
> It's a pity.  I'm volunteering to take up its maintenance too.  My
> username on CPAN is SGRAY.  Andreas, if you're interested in it, please
> drop me a note.
> Best regards,
> Sergey

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