[Slackbuilds-users] Add Autodetect to ffmpeg for Optional Dependencies

Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at liwjatan.at
Sun Dec 13 11:42:36 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 25 October 2020 02:02:55 CET Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> Heinz,
> I'm a bit frustrated that the developers of ffmpeg don't have autodetect in
> their ./configure. Your script has definitely helped improve building
> ffmpeg, but even with that, it is quite inconvenient to have to pass all
> those VARs to the SlackBuild script (and for users of SBo building programs
> to figure out how to pass those variables to the program).
> So I decided to add autodetection for those packages into the SlackBuild
> script itself and update the variables passed to the ./configure based on
> that autodetection. pkg-config is used for most of them, but there's 7
> programs that don't support it, so I just checked for that program's header
> file.
> Now users would just need to disable any optional features if they have the
> packages installed but don't want that support in ffmpeg.
> I've also updated the README to reflect the change and bumped the build
> number.
> The only thing that might need tweaking is the length of the lines doing
> the autodetection. They go well beyond the soft 72 character limit on a
> single line (all of them are over 100 characters and the longest is 186
> characters). I started going through and breaking them up, but there are
> some unique lines that don't have a natural break before the 72 character
> point. Feel free to make any adjustments if you feel they're necessary.
> Hopefully you'll agree that this would be a beneficial change to the
> SlackBuild and switch things over. Let me know if you have any thoughts or
> suggestions.

Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for the poke on LQ and sorry I missed this :(

I agree that this is a beneficial change, just not to the SlackBuild :)

IMHO, the SlackBuild is already very complex as it is. Adding dependency auto-
detection to it essentially turns the SlackBuild into another build system for 

Instead of modifying the SlackBuild to auto-detect the dependencies, you could 
try modifying ffmpeg's configure script to do the auto-detection there, and then 
try to get it upstream.

They might not accept it, as I suppose there's a reason why there's no auto-
detection so far, but depending on the reasoning given we can then decide how 
we want to proceed on our side.

Generally though, I'd rather carry a patch to ffmpeg that makes the SlackBuild 
simpler than adding dependency detection to the SlackBuild.

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