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Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sun Dec 27 13:58:03 UTC 2020

> When I did spi -i perl-List-MoreUtils-XS
> spi so far as I could tell returned no error and also failed to install
> the update.  That particular package had two older versions on my system
> too.  I removed the package's earlier versions from /var/log/packages
> but did not remove associated files from the system and probably can't
> do that now.  I ended up downloading the source and slackbuild tar from
> slackbuilds.org then built the new version and installed it.

You need to make sure to use the correct sbopkg version for your system
if you use 14.2, use 0.38.1, if you use current, then you need to use
the "test" version of 0.38.2 because of the path changes happening in
-current only.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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