[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20200201.1

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Feb 1 02:14:17 UTC 2020

Welcome to the first update in February

Larry has agreed to change psutil to have python3 auto-detected, so the
letsencrypt transition should be smoother for everyone.

We are still working on the qt5 transition and it will not be part of
this public update as we still have some scripts failing to build
against latest Qt5 LTS release.

Sat Feb  1 02:01:22 UTC 2020
academic/abella: Reflow README.
audio/audacious-ffmpeg: Fix email.
audio/azr3: Update script.
audio/opus: Update build parameters.
audio/setBfree: Update script.
dart-sdk updated to 2.7.1
desktop/Buku: Updated for version 4.2.2.
desktop/conky-manager: Updated for version 2.4.
desktop/fbmenugen: Updated for version 0.84.
desktop/flatpak: Updated to version 1.6.1.
desktop/spectrwm: Updated for version 3.3.0.
desktop/wmii: Assume maintainership
desktop/xfce4-windowck-plugin: Reflow README.
development/Sphinx: Update build instructions for pytz dependency.
development/amazon-corretto: Updated for version
development/ninja: Updated for version 1.10.0.
development/snappy: Convert .info file to UTF-8.
development/sublime_merge: Fix symlink.
games/aisleriot: Added (card games collection).
games/cowsay: Fix email.
games/ultimatestunts: Fix email.
gis/Shapely: Updated for version 1.7.0.
graphics/shaderc: Updated for version 2019.1.
graphics/vuescan: Update MD5SUMs.
graphics/vulkan-sdk: Updated for version
ham/spectools: Added (spectrum analyzer).
jstock updated to
libraries/glfw3: Updated for version 3.3.2.
libraries/html5lib: Add python3 support
libraries/id3lib: Remove broken patch.
libraries/jbigkit: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/libasr: Updated for version 1.0.4.
libraries/libbsd: Changed maintainer, cleanups.
libraries/libcbor: Reflow README.
libraries/libev: Updated for version 4.31.
libraries/librelp: Updated for version 1.5.0.
libraries/libuv: Updated for version 1.34.2.
libraries/live555: Updated for version 2020.01.28
libraries/python3-PyQtWebEngine: Added (Py3 QtWebEngine Binding).
libraries/tls: Removed (duplicate of tcl-tls).
misc/KeePass: Updated for version 2.44.
misc/goldencheetah: Avoid dependency on qt5-webkit.
misc/gramps: Updated for version 5.1.2.
misc/hoorex: Updated for version 0.7.0
misc/xbanish: Updated for version 1.6, new maintainer.
multimedia/MuseScore: jack2 => jack in REQUIRES.
multimedia/dvgrab: Update script.
multimedia/lives: jack2 => jack in REQUIRES.
network/NetworkManager-pptp: Fixed DOWNLOAD and MD5SUM
network/NetworkManager-ssh: Reflow README.
network/barrier: Convert .info file to UTF-8.
network/cni-plugins: Reflow README.
network/opensmtpd-extras: Reflow README.
network/opensmtpd: Fix more security issues.
network/opensmtpd: Updated for version 6.6.2p1.
network/opera-developer: Updated for version 68.0.3581.0.
network/pure-ftpd: Updated for version 1.0.49.
network/qtmib: New maintainer.
network/r8168: Updated for version 8.048.00.
network/radicale: Fix email.
network/shorewall-core: Updated for version
network/shorewall6: Updated for version
network/shorewall: Updated for version
network/ssmtp: New maintainer.
network/telegram: Updated for version 1.9.8.
network/telegram: Updated for version 1.9.9.
network/tor: Updated for version
network/weechat: Allow optional build of docs/man.
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Updated for version 0.0.20200128.
network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2020.01.24.
office/coolreader: New maintainer.
office/hunspell-de: Fix email.
office/zim: Updated for version 0.72.1.
perl/perl-Astro-SunTime: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Convert-UU: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Coro: Updated for version 6.55.
perl/perl-Device-SerialPort: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Email-Date-Format: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-IO-HTML: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Image-Magick: Remove - from VERSION, reflow README.
perl/perl-MIME-Lite: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Module-Build: Updated for version 0.4231.
perl/perl-PHP-Serialization: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-PerlIO-Layers: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Sys-Mmap: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-Template-Toolkit: Updated for version 3.007.
perl/perl-Test-Number-Delta: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-X10: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-cgi-minimal: Fix email.
perl/perl-file-slurper: Added (perl module).
perl/perl-goo-canvas: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-html-form: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-http-response-encoding: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-http-server-simple: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
perl/perl-x11-protocol: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
python/PyXB: Convert .info file to UTF-8.
python/backlash: Reflow README.
python/psutil: Updated for version 5.6.7
python/python-importlib_metadata: Updated for 1.4.0.
python/python-sh: Autodetect python3
python/python3-packaging: Updated for version 20.1.
python/six: Updated for version 1.14.0
ruby/rubygem-parser: Updated for version
system/bubblewrap: Updated for version 0.4.0.
system/createrepo_c: Updated for version 0.15.5, Moved from network.
system/dust: Updated for version 0.4.4.
system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.5.
system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr: Updated for version 1.7.7.
system/fwupd: Fix building without uefi support.
system/gcdemu: Fix permission checking.
system/letsencrypt: Update README.
system/lzop: New maintainer.
system/ostree: Updated for version 2019.6.
system/powerkit: Reflow README.
system/pspg: Updated for version 2.6.6.
system/rsyslog: Updated for version 8.2001.0.
system/rxvt-unicode: Update Maintainer in SlackBuild
system/skim: 0.7.0.
system/splix: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
system/zfs-on-linux: Updated for version 0.8.3.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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