[Slackbuilds-users] Heads-up: python/werkzeug update

Dominik Drobek dominik.drobek at o2.pl
Sat Feb 8 01:03:49 UTC 2020


I just submitted an update from werkzeug-0.15.6 to 0.16.1 (I skipped 
0.16.0). While werkzeug-0.16.1 is backward-compatible with previous 
versions, it introduces some deprecation warnings regarding Python 
imports. Version 1.0.0 is going to break backward compatibility. [1]

Actually werkzeug-1.0.0. has been released yesterday, but I don't want 
to update before I'm sure nothing will be broken. These are the packages 
that directly depeng on werkzeug:


There are also some packages that optionally depend on werkzeug, such as 
multimedia/beets (I know because I use that one, but I don't know the 
full list of optional reverse dependencies).

I would like to kindly ask the maintainers of SlackBuilds that depend on 
werkzeug to verify if everything is working with werkzeug-0.16.1 before 
I consider updating to 1.0.0. I imagine that breaking letsencrypt or 
Flask would make many people very unhappy.


[1] https://werkzeug.palletsprojects.com/en/1.0.x/changes/#version-0-16-0

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