[Slackbuilds-users] texlive - libraries not found

Judah Milgram milgram at cgpp.com
Sun Feb 23 04:46:50 UTC 2020


Trying to build the texlive SBo on a 64 bit Slack 14.2 system. slackpkg 
thinks the system is up to date.

Started with /sbin/removepkg tetex and tetex-doc

During SBo build, in configure, am getting messages:

"checking requested system xxx library... failed"

where xxx = gd, pixman, cairo, gmp, mpfr, icu

... followed by full stop.

Any advice for debugging this?

As near as I can tell, these should all be installed with Slack 14.2. My 
/etc/ld.so.conf lists all the appropriate lib64 directories. For cairo, 
at least, pkg-config seems to generate the right include and link flags.

There's obviously something I'm not seeing!

many thanks,


Judah Milgram
milgram at cgpp.com

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