[Slackbuilds-users] SBo service migration #1 complete

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 02:09:59 UTC 2020

On 7/2/20 6:06 AM, Robby Workman wrote:
> TLDR: Migration #1 complete
> We are investigating options for collecting
> needed funds for hosting (about $1500 per year), but we'll be
> in touch with our historically awesome community once we settle
> on how we want to pursue that. Yes, we have a paypal account,
> but we can't keep a balance on that account unless we link it
> to a bank account, and we don't want to do that because of 
> potential tax liability to whomever's account gets linked. We
> could transfer the balance to someone else's paypal account,
> but then the tax liability question is still there, plus 
> there is then the very real possibility of accidentally 
> spending money from paypal balance instead of linked bank account
> on personal transactions.  Long story short, we'll figure out
> a way forward on that and follow up soon.
> Sorry for the temporary downtime but thanks for your support!
> -RW

Thanks to all the SBo admins for all the work - and onyxlight for the
free hosting. I'm always happy to contribute in anyway I can.

Since SBo already has essentially a "board of directors", perhaps it's
time to consider formalizing as a board-only nonprofit organization
(NPO). This may simplify collection donations and avoiding tax
liabilities, as well as allowing those who donate to reap a tax
deduction. After all, why should only the 1% benefit from tax shelters!

True, SBo will need to pass the hat for some lawyers, legal fees, etc to
set up all the paperwork and determine if 501(c)(3) (or similar) status
as a public charity is feasible. Setting up as an NPO confers some real
financial and sustainability benefits.


Speaking of which, Wikimedia Foundation is a board-only NPO. I'm not
saying SBo needs to grow that big (who knows!), but they are one example.

Just a food for thought,

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