[Slackbuilds-users] SBo service migration #1 complete

Marek Wodzinski majek at w7i.pl
Tue Jul 7 15:12:53 UTC 2020

On Fri, 3 Jul 2020, Erik Hanson wrote:

> On 7/3/20 7:02 AM, Marek Wodzinski wrote:
>> Have you thought about splitting services and migrate them to some
>> hosted solutions?
> To clarify, it's around $130 per month. Not a yearly lump sum.

$130 for hosting AFAIK 10 years old EOL server which could fail anytime.
Costs of renting modern dedicated server starts from half of that price, 
additionaly it's possible failure is not your problem in term of hardware 

> On average, the website moves around 55GB/mo, ~530k pages/mo, the git
> server around 42GB/mo, ftp around 32GB/mo, and our Slackware mirror
> around 268GB/mo. DNS and email hosting are not affected by this move.

Such amount of data could be hosted for less than $5/month on linux vps 
with full root access. It could cost some dollars extra when more storage 
would be needed, but basically 1TB/mo of transfer data is common limit 
seen even on small vps servers.

> Things are fairly interconnected just due to the way we've grown over
> the past 14 years. Splitting things out to other services would probably
> require a ground-up rebuild and I'm not convinced we would save any
> money in the end.

Maintenance is also cost. Even if you do it for free and it's your 
hobby. You could just use saved time to do other cool things :-)

I've been in similar point some years ago with my personal 
infrastructure. Everything connected to everything, single point of 
failures, lot of custom configuration and mess growing through years.
Then I went into lxc containers to separate web servers, mail, wifi 
controller, database and so on. I migrated my personal svn repository to 
git and then to Gitlab to not worry about hosting it.
It took time, but it's much easier to maintain now, while there are still 
some things on my to do list.
That's my way, yours could be of course very different.

I perfectly know that it's not possible to change everything at once and 
now, and maybe there will be no short term benefits.

Purpose of my comment was to show that there are other ways of doing 
things and some of them are are even for free, so maybe you could use 
some of them to ease maintenance, maybe reduce costs, maybe just make 
some long term plans, or just ignore it. Your choice.
No pushing, just trying to help showing options. If you feel offended, I 
do apologize.

> Also, I would sooner shutter the project than migrate to Github.

Are you aware that Slackbuilds already got more than 500 updates via 
Github mirror? :-)

Best regards,
"If you want something done...do yourself!"
Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

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