[Slackbuilds-users] Python packages naming question

Arnaud yth at ythogtha.org
Wed Jul 8 22:17:00 UTC 2020

> If a python package only has python3 code in it, does it need to have
> the python3- prefix?
> If it depends on python3- prefixed packages does that mean it should
> in turn have a python3- prefix itself?
> Hopefully these are not silly questions!


	short answer is no.

Longer one is that mostly python3-package is useful when there is a different
[python-]package and python3-package.
	Since python3 will be the default on slackware 15, python2 being
deprecated, EOL'ed, dead and buried, obsolete, and forgotten, it seems there is
not much of a reason to call a new package python3-truc.

Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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