[Slackbuilds-users] Converting other packages to .tgz

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Mon Jun 1 17:41:53 UTC 2020

On Monday, June 01, 2020 08:11:43 AM Rich Shepard wrote:
> I'm curious because core slackware provides a great utility, rpm2tgz, but
> not one for .deb packages. Yet, a number of SBo packages download a .deb and
> convert it to .tgz for installation. Why the difference(s)?
> Regards,
> Rich
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When I use a .deb file as source, it's usually because the latest RPM is Fedora 
and requires a very recent libc or libc++ (or similar) that my Slackware box 
doesn't have by default. The .deb packages I find seem to be more conservative, 
whether for Debian or Ubuntu LTS. 

My first response to that is to look for an RPM from CentOS or RHEL, which also 
tend to be conservative, but their repos just aren't as well stocked as 
Debian's, so .deb is often the best and easiest solution.

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