[Slackbuilds-users] perl-Mail-SPF is unusable

Marek Wodzinski majek at w7i.pl
Tue Jun 2 23:15:59 UTC 2020


I'd like to report that despite build doesn't fail somehow, module is not 
working because it requires Error (not in SBo). Error requires Carp and 
Exporter (also not in SBo), so it's not easy fixable.

For my needs I just packaged missing modules with cpan2tgz, but this is 
worth noting somewhere, maybe in README?

Spamassassin builds fine whithout perl-Mail-SPF (autodetects not working 
module), so maybe it would be an idea also to remove perl-Mail-SPF from 
it's hard dependencies?
I don't know what would be with policyd2, I didn't test it.

Best regards

"If you want something done...do yourself!"
Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

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