[Slackbuilds-users] perl-Mail-SPF is unusable

Marek Wodzinski majek at w7i.pl
Thu Jun 4 21:57:36 UTC 2020

On Tue, 2 Jun 2020, B Watson wrote:

> On 6/2/20, Marek Wodzinski <majek at w7i.pl> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to report that despite build doesn't fail somehow, module is not
>> working because it requires Error (not in SBo). Error requires Carp and
>> Exporter (also not in SBo), so it's not easy fixable.
> Carp and Exporter are included with Perl, in Slackware's perl package,
> which is why you don't find them on SBo.

My fault. I searched for dependencies on metacpan.org and these weren't 
marked as part of some perl version, I didn't checked what's in 

> Error, I'm not sure about: it's actually deprecated according to
> its own documentation: https://metacpan.org/pod/Error

But still required by Mail-SPF which newest version is even older than 
latest Error.

Best regards,
"If you want something done...do yourself!"
Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

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