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Dave Woodfall dave at slackbuilds.org
Thu Jun 18 18:07:05 UTC 2020

On 16/06/20 00:31,
Greg' Ar Tourter <artourter at gmail.com> put forth the proposition:
> Hi,
> I have written a Slackbuild for NCL (https://www.ncl.ucar.edu/).
> It is quite a tricky one to compile and it doesn't exit with an error when
> make fails. The only way I have found to test if compilation fails is to
> look for the ncl binary.
> Could I ask for a few kind souls to test the slackbuild and report back if
> build fails and the error. I am interested in both -14.2 and -current,
> 32bit and 64bit. This is not for the faint-hearted as it is quite big and
> takes a while.
> note that I do not compile hdf4 and grib2 compatibility in. If people want
> to, I can test and add hdf4 but I cannot get the GRIB2 library to compile
> and anyway, ncl requires its own patched version which feels like to
> muchwork for something I cannot test myself.
> Cheers
> Greg

Hi Greg,

Firstly, I don't see any shared libs.  Have you looked at build
options for that?

The package built fine for me the first time.  Consequent runs have a
problem though.

The problem is that triangle.zip is unzipped in $TMP with no
destination directory, so the files are left in place.  On a second
run the slackbuild halted with a prompt on whether to overwrite those
files, which shouldn't happen.

If you check out the `-d' option in `man unzip', you could extract
the files into a directory, say `triangle', then in the slackbuild
add `triangle' to the rm line:

rm -rf $PRGNAM-$VERSION triangle

Then change line 70 to:

cp $TMP/triangle/triangle.{c,h} ni/src/lib/hlu/

Other than that there are a few issues with trailing whitespace and
line lengths in the README and slack-desc that my testing script
picked up:

README:5:77: NCL is a scripting language for the analysis and visualization of climate and
README:14:76: NCAR is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Any opinions, findings

The README should stick to a max line length of 72 characters.
(That's 77 chars on line 5 and 76 on line 14)


You shouldn't have trailing whitespace after the colons on blank
lines in the slack-desc (the `+' are spaces).

(Perhaps your editor has an option to show whitespace?  If you use
vim, you could checkout vim-airline, which shows it in the status
line, also I have a couple of vim binds to show them (and delete
them) if you would like them.)


The [^I] are tabs.  Although there aren't any rules about tabs in the
.info that I know about, it's usually best to stick to spaces where
you can IMHO, and lining up all downloads and md5's with spaces will
work however someone has tabstop set in their editor.

The templates have more info on line lengths and whitespace etc. than
in the guidelines page, so they are worth a read.


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