[Slackbuilds-users] Dependency cleanup after package removal

Dominik Drobek dominik.drobek at o2.pl
Mon Jun 22 22:14:29 UTC 2020

W dniu 22.06.2020 o 22:26, Erich Ritz via SlackBuilds-users pisze:

> All my top-level packages I put in a queue file called "all.sqf".  I don't use "all.sqf" to build anything; it's just self documentation.
This idea is similar to "world" file in Gentoo.

> Not automated, but efficient enough for me.
I was trying to think of a method based on generated queue files, but I 
didn't figure out how to handle the top-level packages which aren't a 
dependency of anything else.

In my earlier example, by looking at .sqf files I could figure out Z was 
not needed because it wouldn't be present in any package's queue file 
anymore. The problem is that B and C also wouldn't be in any queue 
files, but shouldn't be removed. Your idea of "all.sqf" would solve that 

Thanks for your input.


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