[Slackbuilds-users] Unstated requirement (apparently) to build octave

James Diamond jim.diamond at acadiau.ca
Sat Mar 21 17:22:27 UTC 2020


I often ssh in to a much faster machine to run sboupgrade to build new
versions of various SB packages.  It turns out that when I try this
with octave, it fails repeatably.  But if I VNC in and run it from a
terminal open on that machine, it succeeds.

It seems that while building it wants to use/access/look at/investigate/...
the graphics, and that fails during an ssh -Y connection.  Possibly if I
reset DISPLAY it would be happy.  Or didn't use -Y.  Or something else...

In any case, should someone add a comment to the README about this, to
keep other people who might run into this from wasting too much of
their time?



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