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King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 02:48:14 UTC 2020

On 3/28/20 2:50 AM, Lyonel S wrote:
> Hello
> Thank you very much for you hard work.
> I just noted a glitch in the last SBo update for nvidia-driver.info
> <http://nvidia-driver.info> : md5sum are those of 440.64 but the
> filenames are still 440.59 (beware of a "59" in one of the md5sum
> strings, I got bitten by a brute replace ;-)

Thanks, and to willy for the quick fix.  Silly me...After all this
decades you'd think I could master global search & replace.

> I dig a little in the nvidia-installer options and I found we can use a
> switch on Current not to install GLVND libraries in the first place,
> instead of removing them after.
> The only library still installed/replaced is
> /usr/lib64/libOpenCL.so.1.0.0 found in the ocl-icd package. I encountered
> no problem, so I didn't try to move
> it around with the nvidia-switch script.
> Here is a diff file to make use of this option.
> Hope it helps

Unfortunately, that won't work as expected.  in 15.0 we MUST use the
GLVND libs.  --no-install-libglvnd will install the non-GLVND nvidia
libs (these are NOT the same as the GLVND versions), but the
Slackware-current libglvnd will still be present with potential issues
and unintended consequences and thus will need to be removed.  To be clear:

1. Nvidia driver components come in 2 flavors:
   a. non-GLVND libs (legacy)
   b. GLVND libs + libglvnd (new hotness)
2. You can install either one but NOT both.
3. Slackware-current requires the nvidia GLVND versions
4. Nvidia deprecated non-GLVND libs and will remove them "soon"

Hence the weirdness in the build script. (I won't even go down the
library overlap rabbit hole.) When 15.0 hits RC1, I'll make the final
14.2 ONLY specific version, and then the 15.0 specific version.

> I have a last dump question : did anyone try adding libglvnd to SBo for
> 14.2 ?
> At first glance it seems easier to do than tracking libraries to remove
> in nvidia-driver.

I thought about that but since 15.0 is "real soon now" and I'm switching
to amdgpu, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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