[Slackbuilds-users] mumble and murmur 1.3.4 update notes

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 01:58:58 UTC 2021


Mumble and murmur 1.3.4 now requires protobuf3.  This may cause an
incompatibility for those who also need protobuf

I was not able to test speech-dispatcher TTS integration. It "should"
work, but I am unable to test in the qemu VM - no 14.2 running on
hardware. I just upgraded my desktop soundcard (CL SB Z Core3D chip)
which works great except pulseaudio gets confused. As a result, qemu VM
may or may not have sound via the host.

In preparation for current, there's a slightly different buildscript
here: http://www.linuxgalaxy.org/files/sbo-testing/15.0/SBo-archives/
since speechdispatcher etc is now included included.  Here too, TTS is
not working in mumble, even through TTS works with others (spd-say,
okular...); no idea why. It should work OOTB.  I find TTS annoying but
someone requested this years ago and it was working then.

Buy default, I include the bundled celt. It doesn't hurt anything and
allows for backward compatibility.  It will be removed when upstream
does so.

Also for current:  mumble uses SVG icons/pixmaps.  These will not
display due to a KDE Framework 5 bug in kiconthemes that you can fix here:


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