[Slackbuilds-users] My -current scripts

Eugen Wissner belka at caraus.de
Sat Apr 17 06:18:37 UTC 2021


I would like to ask to remove the following SlackBuilds:

- gcc-d: Part of Slackware current
- gkrellm-volume: The home page and download link are dead, I'm not sure
  if this software still exists
- oniguruma: In Slackware current
- opendbx: It builds on current, but opendbx doesn't seem to be active,
  the last release was in 2012 and nothing depends on it.
- tanya: It is my own development; I wasn't working on it a lot in the
  last time and I'm not sure I will. Anyway it is not the best way to
  build D dependencies.

I don't use the following SlackBuilds anymore. I will maintain them if
someone needs them, but it would be great if they can be removed or find
a new maintainer who can update them on a regular basis:

- ioncube-loader: It probably builds on current, but it won't work
  since it should be updated for PHP 7.
- psi
- universal-ctags: Language servers replaced this one in the most cases

The following scripts work on current:
- composer
- d-tools
- dmd

I'll try to update php-apcu and hhvm next week.

On my production server with Slackware current I have modified versions
of the following scripts:

- colm
- dovecot-pigeonhole
- hyperscan
- php-pgsql
- ragel

The reason I have them is that I couldn't build them at some point.
Maybe I'm just ignorant and some problems where already fixed. Just for
the case some of the maintainers struggle with an update, clone
git://caraus.tech/pub/slackbuilder.git and look into private/ directory.
Here is the web view:
I have dovecot-pgsql and postfix-pgsql there if someone uses dovecot and
postfix with PostgreSQL since the SBo's scripts support PostgreSQL, but
the slackware's ones don't.


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