[Slackbuilds-users] Clementine up for grabs

Andrzej Telszewski andrzej at telszewski.com
Sat Apr 24 13:01:20 UTC 2021

On 4/20/21 9:54 PM, Andrzej Telszewski wrote:
> On 4/20/21 3:10 AM, Dave Woodfall wrote:
>> On 03/11/20 20:48,
>> Andrzej Telszewski <atelszewski at gmail.com> put forth the proposition:
>>> If you find me a good fit for the job, I'm ready to take it. :-)
>>> Cheers!
>>> -- 
>>> Andrzej
>> Andrzej, what did you decide?
> I'll investigate over the coming weekend and come back to you.
> Thank you for heads up.
> I'm already on -current, so I'll test against it.
Hi Dave,

I've just given _Strawberry_ (0.9.3) a try and I'm switching to it.
I'm not going to be using _Clementine_ in the near future.

Please find _Clementine_ a more suitable maintainer, as I will not take 
it finally.

Thank you!

When it comes to _Strawberry_, the main selling points are:

- the code is being actively versioned and released,
- there is less code than in _Clementine_ and I'm not missing any features.

Should _Strawberry_ maintainer be not actively maintaining it anymore, 
I'll happily take it.


Best regards,
Andrzej Telszewski

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