[Slackbuilds-users] [Slackware-current] zfs-on-linux

Markus Reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Fri Jan 22 17:20:58 UTC 2021

* David Chmelik <dchmelik at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I've got no trouble using zfs-2.0.0 on -current
> But were you able to make that version into a Slackware package, and will
> the maintainer be updating it soon? (three new versions since the one on
> SBo)

@Marcin: ping. in case you want to pass maintainership and nobody
else wants to pick up the fork, i can take over.

@David: yes, i was.  i'm using the very same buildscript as listed on
SBo for this, adapting the version.  works both on 14.2 & my -current
as of oct 8th; i decided to stay at that point and only update
certain stuff individually (kernel, ...)

zfs-2.0.1 both works for me on slackware64-14.2 & my -current


modinfo /lib/modules/4.4.252-jg71/extra/zfs/zfs.ko |grep -E 'vermagic|version'

version:        2.0.1-1
vermagic:       4.4.252-jg71 SMP mod_unload


modinfo /lib/modules/5.10.?-jg71/extra/zfs/zfs.ko |grep -E 'vermagic|^version'

version:        2.0.0-1
vermagic:       5.10.7-jg71 SMP mod_unload 
version:        2.0.1-1
vermagic:       5.10.9-jg71 SMP mod_unload

what was your issue? (and do you have the same issue on 14.2?)


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