[Slackbuilds-users] Heads-up: librsync update to 2.3.0 - .so version bump

Ricardo J. Barberis ricardo at palmtx.com.ar
Sun Mar 21 16:56:56 UTC 2021

Hello all!

As I in my other e-mail, I'm planing to update librsync 2.3.0 (2.3.1 
doesn't compile on Slackware 14.2 due to a too old cmake version), which 
should be compatible with librsync 0.9.7 but there's a .so version bump.

librsync is a required dependency of:

- rdiff-backup
- duplicity
- burp

I maintain rdiff-backup and have tested upgrading librsync an 
reinstalling rdiff-backup, everything seems to work fine.

I e-mailed the maintainers of duplicity and burp on 2021-03-17 to let 
them know, no answer so far.

I also installed duplicity and successfully ran some basic tests 
(syncying two local directories).

For burp I just recompiled it against librsync 2.3.0 and made sure it 
started, but I don't know haow to test its funcionallity.

If someone who uses duplicity and/or cloud make (or suggest me) some 
more tests to make it's be really appreciated.

Since this change is somewhat invasive, I'd like to ask opinions before 
submitting to SBo:
Should I submit them now or should I wait for Slackware 15.0 instead?

If I send my changes now there's really no need for people to update 
right away, but I don't want to catch anyone with their guard down :)

In the meantime, if anybody wants to test duplicity or burp against 
librsync 2.3.0, the new slackbuilds are in my github repo:


Living la vida Linux!

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