[Slackbuilds-users] djgpp cross compiler for slackware

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Sun May 9 20:31:41 UTC 2021

Does anyone know if this is in the works?  The dosemu2 package needs it
and https://github.com/dosemu2/comcom32 built so it will work.  For now
dosemu2 is missing at least comcom32 and maybe other parts as well.  I
tried editing the Makefile for comcom32 and making it but it needs dos.h
from the djgpp environment to get past the error I got and maybe other
things than that too.  What I don't yet know how to do in C is to discover
what a package wanted to use from a missing library so maybe the right
#include line could be given to make a port compile possible.  The
original dosemu1.x package is no longer supported on
linux-msdos at vger.kernel.org which is a reason to upgrade the version but
in doing so this comcom32 package is a new dependency.
I don't know expected difficulty level or time requirements to do a port
of dosemu2/comcom32 out of djgpp and into gcc either.

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