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KB_SBo sbo at linuxgalaxy.org
Thu Dec 29 05:03:33 UTC 2022

Hello Admins, Dimitris

Since poco is a dependency of mumble, I am testing poco-1.12.4 with
mumble-1.4.287. Previously, poco-1.9.x built just fine, even when
ignoring the dependencies.

Here are a few important potential corrections:

1. Slackware for a long while now includes MariaDB as a replacement.
Attached is the patch from Arch Linux.

2. UnixODBC is optional. Slackware includes iODBC as one of the
dependencies per upstream.

3. PostgrSQL is optional. The upstream cmake (see
https://github.com/pocoproject/poco/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt )
indicates that database connectors are added as found during configure.
Cmake/Ninja compiles correctly with no added external dependencies,
adding support if found. However, the configure script fails to set this
up correctly.  I've added an 'if' statement to the buildscript to omit
posrgreSQL if it is not required.

I've attached the buildscript patch for the above items as a recommended

Finally, I've checked via the SBo web form and it appears that there are
no other buildscripts that depend on poco other than mumble. Therefore,
I can take over poco maintainership if Dimitris so wishes.

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