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KB_SBo sbo at linuxgalaxy.org
Thu Dec 29 18:34:45 UTC 2022

On 12/29/22 00:17, Didier Spaier wrote:
> Hello,
> FWIW for Slint I build poco like this:
> ./configure \
>    --prefix=/usr \
>    --no-tests \
>    --no-samples \
>    --shared \
>    --omit=Data/PostgreSQL,Data/ODBC,Data/MySQL \
>    --sqlite-thread-safe=2 #multi-threaded, without session sharing support
> link to the source repository:
> https://slackware.uk/slint/x86_64/slint-15.0/source/poco/

Thanks, Didier.  The --omit is really only needed for PostgreSQL, since
the others are picked up if found, otherwise automatically omitted. It
probably best to have more rather than less functionality in case
anything other than mumble uses it.

Since mumble uses SQLite, I'll take a look at that switch - did not
notice that one. Thanks!

Upstream seems to be paying more attention to cmake builds rather that
configure/make.  I may switch to cmake then all the database connectors
are optional and correctly [included | not included ] if [found | not


Dimitris has approved my takeover of library/poco so I will push an
update today to my branch.


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