[Slackbuilds-users] New terminator-2.x package

414N 414N at slacky.it
Sun May 7 14:30:03 UTC 2023


after several requests I updated the terminator SlackBuild to build upon 
the new project sources on github[1].

You can find the updated SlackBuild package attached to this message.

I'd like to request some feedback from those interested in this package 
before officially submitting it regarding the following major changes:

  - I decided to build the package exclusively for python3 seeing as 
python2 is now unmaintained and python3 is natively supported by the 

  - the package requires the pytest-runner dependency only at build time 
for unit tests. I found no way to disable running those tests using 
setuptools, so I had to add this dependency to the package .info file, 
even if useless at runtime.

I would also like to thank Болоканаръ, David and Leonardo who, in time, 
sent me several info, revisions or improvements of my SlackBuild script 
for the 1.x versions.

[1]: https://github.com/gnome-terminator/terminator

Kindest regards

Alan Alberghini

SBo clone: https://github.com/414n/slackbuilds.org
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