[Slackbuilds-users] version updates/bumps?

dchmelik at gmail.com dchmelik at gmail.com
Wed May 10 05:20:33 UTC 2023

Many/all of these could use version updates/bumps: birdtray, bubblewrap, 
cabextract, capstone, checkbashisms, chkrootkit, cmark, colorama, 
colordiff, configobj, cssselect2, detox, discord, dos2unix, eiskaltdcpp, 
exiftool, faad2, fdupes, gdl, gmic, heimdall, hexedit, hidapi, hstr, 
hwinfo, hwloc, icoutils, idea, img2pdf, inkscape, jdk11, jsoncpp, 
lbench, libass, libb64, libcdr, libmediainfo, libmicrohttpd, libminizip, 
libmp4v2, libnfs, libreoffice (binary), libstatgrab, 
libtorrent-rasterbar, libx86emu, lua, lua-mpack, luajit, lxml, minidb, 
msgpack-c, msgpack-python, multibootusb, nicotine+, numactl, openmpi, 
p7zip, pdsh, perl-html-parser, pkgdiff, pstoedit, python-keyring, 
python-magic, pytz, qdirstat, qemu, scour, scribus, secretstorage, 
smmap2, snappy, sqlcipher, tbb, tellico, tinycss2, transmission, unhide, 
unoconv, unrar, unrtf, vifm, wine, wpebackend-fdo, x264, xdg-dbus-proxy, 
xsel, yara, yarn.
     It's possible some require changes to compiling, and a few/couple 
only have newer commit/beta releases so may be ruled out.  Most were 
updated in alienBOB's and/or slackers' repositories, though I don't know 
the slackers person maintains same here (maybe not).  I version-bumped 
discord, eiskaltdcpp (though from git and also had to disable lua in 
SlackBuild), lbench, nicotine+, 'telegram', transmission, wine, and 
successfully used downloaded latest source code to build and use them.  
I don't know anything still uses jdk11 (since jdk20+) but it's one I've 
been version bumping for maybe over a year and never heard from the 
maintainer (but too advanced for me to maintain).  I think the wine and 
transmission maintainers are part of the staff of this mailing list and 
just have a large number of packages to worry about... wine is in the 
process, and I version-bumped transmission the last four times but he 
always updates in reasonable time.
     I'm not so concerned with these actually getting version bumps (nor 
offering to maintain) as much as I'm concerned that many haven't had 
updates since Slackware 14.n so seems some maintainers permanently quit 
without ever telling SBo, which perhaps it's about time to investigate 
in detail... and surely there are dozens other builds I don't use but 
others do that they may suspect same.

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