[Slackbuilds-users] For Java developers: help for test of experimental slackbuild

Giancarlo Dessì slack at giand.it
Sun May 21 20:23:22 UTC 2023

Hi, last update includes the slackbuild for JogAmp, a collection of Java 
libraries for 3D graphics (the main component is JOGL, that provides 
bindings to OpenGL/EGL APIs). These libraries should be linked both from 
Java applets and applications written in other languages but I'm not a 
developer so I'm not able to test the slackbuild in runtime. The 
slackbuild works in the compilation/installation, but I think there is 
still something to do in the configuration post-install: in particular 
I'm not sure if they are integrated with the Java environment and if the 
Java Native Interface can be linked from C/C++ libraries.

If someone would try this package and report me any issues I could 
fix/improve the slackbuild (although I'm not sure!). Otherwise I'll have 
to drop the mantainment of this slackbuild.

Without any obligation, of course :-)


Giancarlo Dessì

Slackware Linux... because it works!

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