[Slackbuilds-users] For Java developers: help for test of experimental slackbuild

Giancarlo Dessì slack at giand.it
Mon May 22 05:10:59 UTC 2023

Il 22/05/23 00:19, B. Watson ha scritto:
> On Sun, 21 May 2023, Giancarlo Dessì wrote:
>> but I'm not a developer so I'm not able to test the slackbuild in 
>> runtime. The slackbuild works in the compilation/installation, but I 
>> think there is still something to do in the configuration 
>> post-install: in particular I'm not sure if they are integrated with 
>> the Java environment and if the Java Native Interface can be linked 
>> from C/C++ libraries.
> Out of curiosity... why did you submit it? It's not a dependency for
> anything and it doesn't look like it does anything by itself (not an
> application, just libraries). Nothing wrong with submitting something
> like that, but if you also don't know if it's packaged right...
> My suggestion to you: find something (anything) that depends on
> jogamp, possibly in some other distro's repo (arch, gentoo, ?) and
> do a SlackBuild for whatever it is, and see if it builds correctly
> against your jogamp and runs correctly once installed.
> Without something to test the libraries with, nobody is going to be
> able to predict whether they're installed correctly or not.

You are right! :-D

These libraries intrigued me because are dependencies (optional) for 
gpsprune, an application that I want to slackbuild. Usually when I make 
a slackbuild, first I try to create also its deps (both optional and 
needed) if they do not exist.

Giancarlo Dessì

Slackware Linux... because it works!

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