[Slackbuilds-users] Brave-browser issues

phalange at komputermatrix.com phalange at komputermatrix.com
Thu May 25 02:19:04 UTC 2023

On 2023-05-24 18:03, Rich Shepard wrote:
> My desktop server/workstation (running -14.2 on an AMD Ryzen CPU) has
> brave-browser-1.44.121-1 installed. It's stable, fast, and there are 
> only a
> very few sites it cannot fully access (but firefox can). When I 
> download a
> SBo package I can get both the build script .tar.gz and the source .rpm 
> one
> after the other.
> My laptop (running -15.0 on an Intel i5 CPU) has 
> brave-browser-1.50.121-1
> installed while the SBo repo shows version 1.50.118-1 so I cannot tell 
> you
> why the downloaded version is newer than the one now listed there.
> The laptop version stopped downloading the source files after the build
> script tarball until I renewed the page. Can't figure out why.
> Today, I tried to access github.com on the laptop and brave couldn't 
> find
> it. When I opened the firefox browser I had no issue accessing 
> github.com.
> And I have no issues accessing github.com using the brave-browser on 
> the
> desktop.
> I'm curious if anyone else has experienced different behaviors with
> brave-brower on different hosts.
> Rich
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Hi Rich, I maintain the SBo build of Brave and I can't understand what 
you're describing.

The version on SBo is 1.51.118 which is (today) the current stable 
release. The download links are ok, and once installed, the "about" 
window shows the correct version. The version numbers match in the *info 
and *SlackBuild files.


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