[Slackbuilds-users] qemu updates roadmap

KB_SBo sbo at linuxgalaxy.org
Fri May 26 21:58:54 UTC 2023

On 5/16/23 06:57, Matteo Bernardini wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> here I'm building qemu 8.0.0 and virtiofsd like this (actually I see no 
> issue in using the bundled meson)
> https://ponce.cc/slackware/testing/virtiofsd/ 
> <https://ponce.cc/slackware/testing/virtiofsd/>
> https://ponce.cc/slackware/testing/qemu/ 
> <https://ponce.cc/slackware/testing/qemu/>
> if you don't want it I'll submit virtiofsd to SBo.
> Matteo
> Il giorno lun 24 apr 2023 alle ore 02:13 KB_SBo <sbo at linuxgalaxy.org 
> <mailto:sbo at linuxgalaxy.org>> ha scritto:
>     All,
>     I'm going to hold off on qemu-8.0 for a bit and just bump to qemu-7.2.1
>     1.  For 8.0, virtiofsd is now an external dependency. This built with
>     rust, of which I know absolutely nothing about. Since this may take me
>     awhile to do (wtf is a 'cargo'?), if anyone has a burning desire to add
>     virtiofsd to SBo, have at it!
>     2. Slackware 15.0 meson-0.59.4 is too old.  qemu has an internal
>     meson-0.61.5 that is currently used for 7.2.x, but I think using the
>     system meson is better for consistency.
>     3. libslirp and a few others will be made hard dependencies to have
>     those handy features available by default. Also, libslirp could use bump
>     to version 4.7.0 (maintainer cc:'ed)
>     -Ed


I'll take virtiofsd for SBo, and get gemu-8 script ready for next week's 
update.  Probably time to figure out how rust works (stupid name!). Damn 
kids. Always chasing a new shiny bauble. What the heck is wrong 
C/assmebly? bah.


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