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Giancarlo Dessì slack at giand.it
Sat Sep 9 05:57:00 UTC 2023

Il 09/09/23 03:53, KB_SBo ha scritto:
> On 9/7/23 23:38, Giancarlo Dessì wrote:
>> Hi, the update steps of Qgis seem broken: at the moment in SBo is
>> available the version 3.24.3 whereas Qgis has reached the stable
>> versions 3.28.10 LTR and 3.32.2. I've updated to 3.28.10 version some
>> months ago using the same slackbuild (it could eventually need small
>> changes to optimize the installation although it works as is).
>> The maintainer appears still Benjamin Trigona-Harany that has left SBo a
>> long time ago. When we have taken his slackbuilds, an user (I don't
>> remember who) proposed himself for qgis, but a lot time has passed. I
>> think he don't remember this.
>> If anyone is interested I could take it if you are agree but we have to
>> decide to move forwards with the updates.
>> Thanks for your attention.
> Giancarlo,
> That was me.  I was hoping could split the abandoned GIS packages
> between us.  I started working on qgis and a few others, as well as
> testing some of the various optional dependencies.
> However, I'm still recovering from cancer treatment over the past year.
> I don't think I will get to qgis and some of the other Benjamin
> Trigona-Harany scripts for quite a while yet.  I am also way behind on
> checking my regular set of scripts.
> If you want them, go ahead and take them.  These are the ones I was
> going to update:
> gis/OTB
> gis/OWSLib
> gis/qgis
> gis/postgis
> gis/ossim
> gis/xplanet
> Thanks,
> -kb
I'm sorry about your troubles and we hope you get well as soon as 
possible. For the moment I can take care of these updates and when you 
feel able and want to take them back I will be happy to pass them

My best wishes

Giancarlo Dessì

Slackware Linux... because it works!
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