[Slackbuilds-users] codec2 1.0.3 Source No Longer Available

Jeremy Hansen jebrhansen+SBo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 10:26:37 UTC 2023


In working on a project and testing possible dependencies, I came across
ham/codec2 on SBo. Unfortunately, it looks like the developer deleted the
1.0.3 release when they added the 1.2.0 release in July.

I see two ways forward, although, having not used it, I'm sure if one is
better than the other.

1. Find a saved copy of 1.0.3 and upload it somewhere else (sbodirectlinks
on sf.net or maybe ponce.cc, if he's willing). Then link SBo's source to
that copy.
2. Update codec2 to 1.2.0, assuming it doesn't break anything that depends
on it, and hope the developer doesn't delete that release when they drop
the next version.

I do not use this software, so if you no longer wish to maintain it, maybe
someone else can step in.

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