[Slackbuilds-users] Intent for python SlackBuilds with SLKCFLAGS and LIBDIRSUFFIX

B. Watson urchlay at slackware.uk
Thu Sep 21 03:41:53 UTC 2023

On Wed, 20 Sep 2023, Jeremy Hansen wrote:

> Since sbolint (from system/sbo-maintainer-tools) is being ran on github PR requests and newer versions of sbolint are catching when SLKCFLAGS and
> LIBDIRSUFFIX are not being used, are we expected to not include them on the SlackBuilds? If so, should we remove the entire if/then block for the
> ARCH detection since that's typically all it does?

They're not even warnings, they're "notes". They're more useful for
other kinds of builds (with compiled C or C++ code), to remind the
script author to actually use the flags and lib64.

If you know SLKCFLAGS and/or LIBDIRSUFFIX are not going to be used,
you can remove the whole if/then block. But nobody's going to force
you to remove it, or complain if you don't.

Eventually the python template may be changed, but that won't mean
your scripts have to change.

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