[Slackbuilds-users] precompiled "sources" missing libraries

Jeremy Hansen jebrhansen+SBo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 03:19:03 UTC 2023

On Sat, Sep 23, 2023, 3:10 AM Petar Petrov <slackalaxy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all!
> How do we check if a package is really missing some libs? SBo has
> scripts that just repackage the binaries provided by upstream. Using
> sbbdep can tell if a package is missing libs in the standard
> locations. However, many of these precompiled programs ship with their
> own libs installed in a custom location. Yet, sbbdep will see these as
> missing. I made myself a simple script
> (https://github.com/slackalaxy/revcheck) to check within install paths
> of packages if something is still missing. What do we do in cases like
> this:
> calibre-bin
> [MISSING] libQt6EglFSDeviceIntegration.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6EglFsKmsSupport.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Pdf.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6PdfWidgets.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6SvgWidgets.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Test.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6WlShellIntegration.so.6
> microsoft-edge
> [MISSING] libQt6Core.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Gui.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Widgets.so.6
> openoffice.org
> [MISSING] libdb-4.3.so
> [MISSING] libgstinterfaces-0.10.so.0
> [MISSING] libgstreamer-0.10.so.0
> [MISSING] libjawt.so
> vivaldi
> [MISSING] libQt6Core.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Gui.so.6
> [MISSING] libQt6Widgets.so.6
> wps-office
> [MISSING] libsystemd.so.0
> If someone is interested, this is how I use the script. Make sure
> sbbdep has updated its database, then:
> $ revcheck
> /var/lib/pkgtools/packages/openoffice.org-4.1.14_en_US-x86_64-3_SBo

A similar issue was reported a few weeks back with the nvidia driver, with
the ldd based script noticing that libcrypto.so.3 was not being found.

As it turns out, the binary Nvidia driver is made to support multiple
versions of libraries and will link to different versions based on what's
on the system. libcrypto.so.3 is for openssl v3, which isn't used in
Slackware 15.0, but it does have a fallback to use openssl v1.1 if v3 isn't


We are likely seeing a similar issue here where several of your reported
programs are probably designed to work with both qt5 and qt6, depending on
what's found on the system. The software likely has a priority of qt6 and
would use that unless it's not found, and then fall back to qt5 libraries.

As long as the software works, it's likely what we're seeing and can likely
be safely ignored.

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