[Slackbuilds-users] ChangeLog - two updates

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Oct 2 04:17:35 UTC 2006

Mon Oct  2 04:03:17 UTC 2006
libraries/cpufrequtils: Added - cpufrequtils is a unified access
   method for userspace tools and programs to the cpufreq core and
   drivers in the Linux kernel.
multimedia/mplayer-codecs-all: Updated to version 20060611.
multimedia/MPlayer: changed the default path of the codecs back
   to /usr/lib/codecs - this is configurable in the script, and
   we're going to assume that anyone building MPlayer from here
   has also built the codecs from here.  On that note, the README
   was also edited to reflect that the codecs don't actually have
   to be installed - so long as the directory is specified in the
   configure, support for them will be built.  --robw810
Sun Oct  1 23:42:25 UTC 2006
multimedia/MPlayer: fixed bad path in doinst.sh script; thanks to
   Dasajev. Changed the default codecs path to
   usr/local/lib/codecs, which is what it would be if the user
   follows the instructions at MPlayer's site - this is still
   configurable in the script in case the user has installed them
   with our SlackBuild script.  Changed the method for gzipping
   manpages (added detection of symlinks); thanks to Eric
misc/wine: Changed manpage detection/gzipping; added
   mandir=/usr/man to the configure command.  Added better
   permissions checking in the extracted source.  Added support
   for OpenGL acceleration.  Thanks to Eric Hameleers.
graphics/gqview: Better permissions checking; better manpage
   compression.   --robw810



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