[Slackbuilds-users] ChangeLog - 12 October 2006

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Oct 12 14:01:22 UTC 2006

Martin Lefebvre wrote:
> I'm going through updates on my side for my builds... I noticed that a 
> few of them were outdated:
> - lyx
> - kaffeine
> - sqlite
> - mp3blaster
> - msmtp
> Since I spend most of my time in KDE, kaffeine will probably be one of 
> the 1st ones to be updated.

Okay, sounds good.

> lyx, muttng and slim are in /pending :)

They're in the queue to be looked at today.

> Rob, btw, what's gonna happen with some of my other builds that have 
> been in pending for like ever?
> I'm referring to skype-beta, rt2500 and gift.
> I know no one else here seems to have a rt2500-based card, but I 
> succesfully used the same script on 2.4.33, <>, 
> 2.6.17.* and 2.6.18 and they all worked fine.

Well, in some informal discussions (mostly irc) with some other 
members of the project team, we're basically going to have to 
confirm that the script is fine and that it *should* work; after 
that, we have to just trust that it does.  In the grand scheme of 
things, I guess that's what bug reports are for if it doesn't 
work correctly/at all.

On that same note, it's inevitable that we'll eventually have to 
go this route anyway if the rate of submissions increases too 
much more.  It's not a problem to test the script and packaging 
to ensure that files are placed correctly and with sane 
permissions and such, but trying to actually test the application 
itself is not going to be possible in many cases.




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