[Slackbuilds-users] requirements in README files

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Mon Jul 9 16:58:00 UTC 2012

Hallo, J,

Du meintest am 09.07.12:

> I'm wondering if there's any hope at all of perhaps enforcing
> slackbuilds to have a consistent format in their README files for
> listing requirements.

The README is created from the author/maintainer of the program. The SBO  
maintainer should not change it.

> Currently we see a very wide variety of formats. While the most
> popular looks something like:

> This requires perl-Params-Validate, perl-DateTime-Locale,
> perl-DateTime-TimeZone, perl-Test-Exception, perl-Sub-Uplevel
> perl-Math-Round.

That's another problem - these informations should be put into "install/ 
slack-required". And that could be a job for the SBO maintainer.

Viele Gruesse!

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