[Slackbuilds-users] Lapack SlackBuild

James Smith jamesslack at omnitude.net
Wed Jul 18 05:00:06 UTC 2012

I attempted to contact the Lapack maintainer with a patch a few weeks  
ago and got no reply. Could one of the admins be so kind as to apply  
this patch?


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     Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 16:52:23 +1000
     From: James Smith <jamesslack at omnitude.net>
  Subject: Lapack SlackBuild
       To: easuter at gmail.com

Hi Eugene,

I found a problem with your Lapack slackbuild. I'd created a  
SlackBuild for the Haskell library hmatrix and I found when loading it  
in ghci that there was a function missing from liblapack.so- cswap_.  
That function is from blas.

I resolved it by the following:
--- lapack.SlackBuild   2011-05-30 00:49:04.000000000 +1000
+++ lapack.SlackBuild.sbopkg    2012-06-28 16:02:53.000000000 +1000
@@ -74 +74 @@
- gcc -fPIC -lgfortran -shared *.o -Wl,-soname,lib$PRGNAM.so.$MAJOR \
+ gcc -fPIC -lgfortran -lblas -shared *.o -Wl,-soname,lib$PRGNAM.so.$MAJOR \

i.e. adding "-lblas" to the .so creation. I had a look at the Debian  
and Fedora package sources and they also do "-lblas" when creating the  

Incidentally the script works fine with 3.4.1. In upgrading to 3.4.1 I  
also compared your make.inc and its make.inc.example... which led me  
to use TIMER=INT_ETIME instead of TIMER=NONE and that worked fine too.

James Smith

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