[Slackbuilds-users] Lapack SlackBuild

Serban Udrea serban.udrea at skmail.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jul 18 09:52:08 UTC 2012

On 07/18/2012 07:00 AM, James Smith wrote:
> I attempted to contact the Lapack maintainer with a patch a few weeks
> ago and got no reply. Could one of the admins be so kind as to apply
> this patch?
> I found a problem with your Lapack slackbuild. I'd created a SlackBuild
> for the Haskell library hmatrix and I found when loading it in ghci that
> there was a function missing from liblapack.so- cswap_. That function is
> from blas.
> i.e. adding "-lblas" to the .so creation. I had a look at the Debian and
> Fedora package sources and they also do "-lblas" when creating the .so.
> ...

Hello James,

I'm the maintainer of the lapack-atlas slackbuild. Since this is a 
variation of Eugene's one I also don't link against blas (in my case 
atlas). Nevertheless I use several software packages compiled against 
lapack-atlas and never had a problem like yours. Moreover I definitely 
doubt that lapack should by any means provide a blas function. Thus I 
rather suppose that there is a problem with the way the Haskell library 
gets linked.

BTW, did you consider using ATLAS instead of the reference blas?

Best regards,

Serban Udrea

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