[Slackbuilds-users] Lapack SlackBuild

James Smith jamesslack at omnitude.net
Wed Jul 18 13:23:00 UTC 2012

> Nevertheless I use several software packages compiled against  
> lapack-atlas and never had a problem like yours. Moreover I  
> definitely doubt that lapack should by any means provide a blas  
> function. Thus I rather suppose that there is a problem with the way  
> the Haskell library gets linked.

It's not providing the blas function to users of the library, it's  
providing it to the library itself. -l specifies to link against that  
library because some function from it is referenced. It takes the  
shared library in preference to the static because -static is not  
specified. So just like -lgfortran which it already has... those  
libraries are also used by lapack.

If lapack uses blas it must link against it, otherwise it can't call  
the code. I imagine these other applications are linking against blas  
themselves, which provides blas to lapack, whereas hmatrix isn't. But  
blas is a dependency of lapack, not of hmatrix, so that is correct in  
my opinion, although I don't know the conventions.

Like Eugene comments in his SlackBuild it really would be nice if  
lapack built the .so themselves :P All I had for reference was the  
Debian and Fedora packages and who knows if we should trust them.

> BTW, did you consider using ATLAS instead of the reference blas?

I did, but for what I'm using it for I'm not too interested in  
performance, and it seemed like a fair amount of effort :-) It might  
be worth it now to see if it exhibits the same problem.


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