[Slackbuilds-users] Project to provide yeahconsole for SBo

e201 e20100633 at inbox.lv
Mon Oct 22 16:44:13 UTC 2012


I'm using yeahconsole[1] so, I wrote a Slackbuild to create a package
for it. Everything is ok, the sources just need a make.

The problem is that yeahconsole doesn't provide a man page in the
sources (latest here[2]). But, I know that there is one written by
Damián Viano for the Debian system (according to the man itself under
Debian). So what should I do?  Because I think a manpage is important,
isn't it?  Should I add this man page retrieved from the debian package
ou shouldn't I?

If I should do it, is it ok to just put the yeahconsole.1.gz in my
folder (with the Slackbuild) and add a mv yeahconsole.1.gz
$PKG/usr/share/man/man1/ right under my cp -a LICENSE README

And then, should I add something in some file (slack-desc,
yeahconsole.info?) about the fact that I add something which isn't from
the official sources and about the fact it's from and for debian system?
Besides, is it a problem in absolute to have something tagged from
Debian (or else) in a semi-official Slackware package (even if it's a

Yes, I know, there's too much question; but thanks for reading me :)

1. http://phrat.de/yeahtools.html
2. http://phrat.de/yeahconsole-0.3.4.tar.gz

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