[Slackbuilds-users] Why does this Slackbuild fails

Roelof Wobben rwobben at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 14:28:49 UTC 2013

> From: petar.petrov at student.oulu.fi
> To: slackbuilds-users at slackbuilds.org
> Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 14:08:19 +0000
> Subject: Re: [Slackbuilds-users] Why does this Slackbuild fails
> hi Roelof
> ---
> Correct, all my Slackbuilds are building now without any problem.
> Now I can go test it.
> ---
> that's awesome! So now we can have Gnome, Mate and Cinnamon projects for Slackware... May be you can post a link to your cinnamon slackbuilds at LQ? I am sure some people will be interested and may also help with the testing.
> -petar
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I could after I know for sure that Cinnamon starts up fine.

Now with this .xinitrc :

eval 'dbus-launch -exit-with-session --sh-syntax'
exec '/usr/bin/ck-launch cinnamon-session'

I see this error: 

could not acquire name on session bus

And I have build it on top of dropline gnome so I do not know if for all the dependencies 
there are slackbuilds. 


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