[Slackbuilds-users] Why does this Slackbuild fails

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Wed Nov 6 16:53:26 UTC 2013

Le 06/11/2013 15:28, Roelof Wobben a écrit :
> And I have build it on top of dropline gnome so I do not know if for all the dependencies
> there are slackbuilds.


If I may drop in my two cents. On a difficulty scale from 1 to 10 for 
building Slackware packages, Cinnamon is roughly somewhere between 9.5 
and 10 (if not 27.5 :oD). This is far from being a trivial task.

As far as I'm concerned, I've built complete desktops like Xfce (3.x, 
4.x), GNOME 2.x and KDE 4.x from source, and I'm wading every day 
through shitloads of SlackBuild scripts. And I simply cringe at the task 
of adapting Cinnamon for Slackware.

Take this as an advice not to spoil too many sunny afternoons. If I 
wanted to use Cinnamon, I'd simply install Linux Mint and be happy with it.



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