[Slackbuilds-users] vlc 2.1.1 (SBo git) in 14.1

Antonio Hernández Blas hba.nihilismus at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 06:33:00 UTC 2013

I just noticed the updated SlackBuild for vlc in SBo git-repository, thanks
Andrea De Pasquale, it's working pretty well as the other vlc-all-in-one
from alienBob ;)

Anyway, after creating a "metaSlackBuild" for vlc [1] and getting a log [2]
from it i'm seeing (grep -B 1 -A 2 vlc-2.1.1-build-2013-11-20.log) that
live555 is not detected [3] by vlc. Is this "normal" or something wrong
with my system?

The other packages that appear [3] are not marked as dependencies for vlc
but some of them are in SBo repository, so i can test them more later ;)

- Cheers

[2] https://www.dropbox.com/s/bi3xm08shka84vt/vlc-2.1.1-build-2013-11-20.log

Antonio Hernández Blas | Oaxaca, México, Mx.
https://github.com/nihilismus | https://bitbucket.org/nihilismus |
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