[Slackbuilds-users] Patch for giblib.SlackBuild

Ryan P.C. McQuen ryanpcmcquen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 22:21:58 UTC 2014

Thanks for compiling that list!

We should write SlackBuilds to work with default settings though.  : ^)

Let's note the man page's explanation:


If this is set to on, experimental (not fully-functional) support for
Content-Disposition headers is enabled. This can currently result in
extra round-trips to the server for a HEAD request, and is known to
suffer from a few bugs, which is why it is not currently enabled by

This option is useful for some file-downloading CGI programs that use
Content-Disposition headers to describe what the name of a downloaded
file should be.

I have a feeling this will eventually be default behavior.


On Jun 26, 2014, at 3:06 PM, David Spencer
<baildon.research at googlemail.com> wrote:

>> This is a great patch! It should be applied to any SlackBuild that uses a
>> "https://github.com/" download link, as the file name is changed when using
>> a browser, but not changed when using wget.
> It's not only github :-(
> By the way, to download with the right filename from the command line,
> you can use --content-disposition on the wget command line, or set the
> default for wget using 'content_disposition=on' in ~/.wgetrc or
> /etc/wgetrc (recommended for sbopkg users), or curl -J
> I think the following are affected:
> audio/soundkonverter
> development/ninja-ide
> development/openjdk
> development/pyside-tools
> development/sqlitebrowser
> graphics/scrot
> libraries/giblib
> libraries/libdesktop-agnostic
> libraries/lua-zlib
> libraries/luasec
> libraries/luasocket
> misc/par2cmdline
> multimedia/cantata
> network/arno-iptables-firewall
> network/modsecurity-apache
> network/sshuttle
> perl/perl-mojo
> python/python-elib.intl
> system/glances
> system/google-droid-fonts
> Actually, giblib can come out of that list now ;-)
> All the best
> -D.
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