[Slackbuilds-users] Libopenjpeg not find

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Sun Aug 9 04:02:43 UTC 2015

Hi Diego,

On 08/08/2015 23:33, lemelle at cbpf.br wrote:
> please, i read the README and INSTALL.   I try install OBS for
> slackmedia that was send me from here. but is necessáry install ffmpeg
> from TRUE root...  i follow all structions, them many dependencies was
> appearing / need install....
> no problem, i search de dependency and install....  but when became in
> libopenjpeg   not run the script of ffmpeg
> I run all cmake make make instal make doc in instruction of openjpeg,
> but dont wok here.
> OBS i installing ffmpeg-huge from slackmedia... i try download ffmpeg
> from site, but unfortunity dont work too.
> Sorry if i m not a genius, but i like to learn if someone explain

In addition to my previous answer:

I now realize that you really meant not "slackmedia" but "slackermedia":

and that you got some of the needed stuff like ffmpeg-huge from here:

Your question being about Slackermedia-specific technology, rather than
about the SlackBuilds maintained @ SlackBuilds.org I suggest that you
contact klaatu directly as indicated here:
and/or use the support channels provided by each provider or packager
of application or dependency.

Best regards,

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