[Slackbuilds-users] i586 time?

Ryan P.C. McQuen ryan.q at linux.com
Sun Aug 9 15:35:25 UTC 2015

Following current, I am sure many have noticed that there are a LOT of
packages changing from i486 to i586. The plot thickens even more when
you take a look at Pat's note in the gcc.SlackBuild:

# Some more notes, Mon Aug  3 19:49:51 UTC 2015:
# Changing to -march=i586 for 32-bit x86 as several things (Mesa being one of
# them) no longer work if constrained to -march=i486.  We're not going to use
# -march=i686 since the only additional opcode is CMOV, which is actually less
# efficient on modern CPUs running in 32-bit mode than the alternate i586
# instructions.  No need to throw i586 CPUs under the bus (yet).


It sounds like it may be time to consider switching SBo to i586
(starting with the next release).



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