[Slackbuilds-users] compilation order for ring-daemon dependencies

todortakov at gmail.com todortakov at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 08:09:09 UTC 2017

I am running slackware-current with Eric's multilib packages and Ktown Plasma5 
and I want to compile ring-daemon dependencies (speex, gsm, and pjproject-ring 
among others).Ffmpeg is as is supplied by slackware-current.

There is a package installed - speexdsp-1.2rc3-x86_64-1.
Do I have to compile speex package from Slackbuilds as well, or speexdsp and 
speex are the same thing?
Then - if I compile speex and gsm, do I have to recompile ffmpeg, in order for 
it to pick them up?
And finally, when do I compile the pjproject-ring package (after compiling 
speex,gsm and ffmpeg, or it can be compiled independently)?

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