[Slackbuilds-users] cmake too old issues

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 16:51:07 UTC 2020

One of the slackbuilds I look after has switched from waf to cmake. 
Unfortunately they have targetted cmake v 3.11 and have used
features which are not available, or are broken in cmake 3.5.2 (the 
version that comes with slackware 14.2)
Can anyone point me towards a way to include a newer local version of 
cmake, just for the slackbuild, or if they have other suggestions,
as I have not managed to get the build to work.
upstream have made heavy use of IMPORTED_TARGET in pkg_check_modules 
statements, and in a custom cmake Find module
I can bypass the custom Find module and revert to pkgconfig, but I don't 
know how to do the equivalent of
> pkg_check_modules(Gnome REQUIRED IMPORTED_TARGET
>   "atk"
>   "cairo"
>   "gdk-3.0"
>   "gdk-pixbuf-2.0"
>   "gio-2.0"
>   "gobject-2.0"
>   "libsoup-2.4"
>   "pango"
>   "minizip"
>   "zlib"
>   "libxml-2.0>=2.7.8"
>   )
for example, without the "IMPORTED_TARGET" bit.
unfortunately, just removing IMPORTED_TARGET text from the dependencies 
file does not work.
the slackbuild in question is xiphos for which I'm trying to get 4.2.1 
to build. ( https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos  )

Thanks, Tim

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