[Slackbuilds-users] Any help?

Johannes Georgi j+sbo-users at maschinengott.de
Thu Mar 3 00:21:18 UTC 2022

Hi Barry,
I suspect Jeremy misundestood you, and what you want is a list of SBo 
SlackBuilds that aren't yet updated AND weren't yet tested to work on 
Slackware 15.0.
I think such a list exists only implicitly, as, to my knowledge, no 
infrastructure/workflow exists to maintain it. It implicitly exists 
inform of the repo itself, insofar as SlackBuilds tested negative and 
with no one willing to change that are dropped from the repo. If someone 
is willing to change it (maintain maintainership, so to say), they'll 
get updated eventually.
So it's not much use testing if a package works if one is not willing to 
maintain it, because the maintainer will do that anyway, and if they 
don't, it will get dropped.
I hope I got that right, cya, j12i

On 28.02.22 00:07, Barry J. Grundy wrote:
> I have tested all my SlackBuilds as the currently sit in the master 
> repo.  They all compile without error.  I have plenty of updates and new 
> submissions to add once submissions are open again.
> In the meantime I'm wondering if there is a list of SlackBuilds we can 
> test or that need some attention. Any other way the larger community can 
> help with the workload?
> Thanks for all the hard work,
> Barry

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